iPod to Computer Transfer

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If you own an iPod and you use iTunes, you will have realized that you can't copy music from iPod to PC, even if it's your computer, iTunes only allows you to copy from PC to iPod. That's the feature all iPod users miss when tehy use iTunes. However, there are some programs out there that fill the gap and iPod to Computer transfer is one of them.


Ipod to Computer Transfer interface is intuitive enough. Once you run it, you can decide wheter to copy from iPod to PC or from PC to iPod, just click the button of the action you want to perform. It's easy, if you want to copy from the iPod to the Computer, click on iPod to PC button and a list of the tracks in your ipod will appear on screen. Choose the tracks you want to copy and the output folder. Ipod to Computer Transfer will do the rest.

It supports batch copying, so you can choose as many tracks as you want and they'll be copied at once.

If you have an iPod and you want to share your music, you have two computers and you want to copy some tracks from your iPod to the other computer, now you can do it thanks to iPod to Computer Transfer.

Trial version limits batch copy to the first 99 tracks, after that, you will be able to copy only one track per run.

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